What Are the Best Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention?

There are some simple steps that can be taken to help prevent skin cancer, and although everyone is at risk for skin cancer, some people are at a higher level of risk; those individuals should take extra steps in skin cancer prevention. Some good tips for prevention include using sunscreen, not letting the skin burn, covering up exposed skin, and frequent self-examination. Another good homeopathic tip for skin cancer prevention includes drinking green tea or consuming other foods high in antioxidants.

Groups of people who fall into the higher risk category should be extra dedicated in their quests for skin cancer prevention. Some people at higher risk include those who are regularly exposed to large amounts of ultraviolet light. The risk of skin cancer rises based on a variety of factors, such as the duration of exposure and the intensity of the light. The longer a person is exposed, the more his or her risk of cancer increases. Also, if a person is exposed to light during the heat of the day or in high altitudes, his or her risk is higher.

Other factors that may raise a person’s risk of developing skin cancer include skin type, age, family history, and his or her exposure to other chemicals. For example, people with fair skin have an increased risk of developing cancer when compared to people with darker skin tones. As a result, those individuals may want to take additional prevention steps.


One of the best tips in skin cancer prevention is to use sunscreen every day. A high-quality sunscreen should block both types of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet-A rays and ultraviolet-B rays. It should be applied every few hours, especially when working or playing outdoors. In addition, it should be applied to all areas of body that are exposed: face, legs, arms, ears, neck, and back.

Although the use of sunscreen should prevent a sunburn, another good tip is to avoid activities that could lead to burning the skin. For example, the days of setting out a towel and lying out in the sun are over in terms of preventing skin cancer. It is best to lie beneath an umbrella and soak up the view, but avoid the ultraviolet rays. Another good tip is to avoid local tanning salons, where the beds often emit high levels of ultraviolet rays, leading to an increased risk of skin cancer.

Covering up exposed skin is also a good tip for skin cancer prevention. A hat with a full brim will shade the face and neck as well as cover the scalp. Some clothing companies also offer clothes that have an ultraviolet protective coating on them. These garments are a good way to protect skin, though even wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants will do wonders for skin cancer prevention.

Self examination is a good tip for skin cancer prevention as well. It is important to examine the body on a regular basis. If a skin spot, mole, or skin growth looks suspicious or begins to change, a doctor should be consulted immediately. In addition, the back and the backs of the legs should be inspected using a mirror or by another person. A doctor should perform an examination annually as well.

A final tip for the prevention of skin cancer is drinking and eating foods that are high in antioxidants. Homeopathic remedy practitioners claim that drinking green tea can work to prevent the cells causing skin cancer from forming. Other foods that are high in antioxidants include blueberries and pomegranates.



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