What are the Best Tips for Singles Adventure Travel?

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Singles adventure travel can be a great way for a person to experience independence and solitude while seeing different parts of the world. Still, traveling alone can be a daunting experience for those who are used to going on trips with family and friends, and solo travelers might need to make doubly sure that the trip details are solid to ensure the best possible experience and to avoid common traveling dilemmas. To maximize the experience of a solo trip and to avoid common travel issues, adventurers should thoroughly plan and research all aspects of their trip, occasionally schedule group activities, inform family and friends of their itineraries and invest in traveler’s insurance for added protection during their time away from home.


First, solo travelers should give themselves plenty of time to thoroughly research all aspects of their trip. This includes researching the culture, customs and expectations of visitors of the cities and countries to which they want to travel, as well as the sites they want to see and activities they want to try. Planning carefully will allow singles adventure travel enthusiasts to figure out what their destination has to offer and to develop an itinerary. Furthermore, it will allow travelers to bring the appropriate clothing and materials — such as hiking boots, backpacks and first-aid kits — with them to make the most of their travel experience. If travelers decide that they want to participate in physically demanding activities while away, such as trail trekking or hiking, planning far in advance will also give them enough time to train or to learn more about their interest.

A second important tip for singles adventure travelers is to participate in some sort of activity that allows for interaction with other travelers. Solo travelers can join group tours for a few days out of their trip and still maintain the independent feeling of traveling alone. Additionally, participating in outings and tours will help singles adventure travelers to build social connections and will also help to combat feelings of loneliness. Furthermore, occasionally touring with groups can bring added safety to a singles adventure trip.

A third tip for singles adventure travel is for participants to inform trusted family members and friends of their travel plans or to provide them with a general itinerary. Giving the details of a solo trip, such as the dates and times of one’s location as well as a list of local and regional emergency phone numbers, is an important safety precaution that will allow solo travelers additional protection in case they encounter any troubles while away. Family members and friends will always have a general sense of where single travelers are and whom they should contact in case of an emergency.

Lastly, solo travelers can also benefit from purchasing traveler’s insurance. The singles adventure travel experience brings a number of risks, especially when one is unfamiliar with the travel destination and does not have a partner or friend to rely on in emergency situations. Traveler’s insurance can be purchased through insurance or travel agencies and can provide coverage in cases of minor situations, such as emergency dental or medical care and lost or stolen property. Extended optional coverage can protect single travelers in many other emergency cases, such as natural disasters, wars and injuries acquired during physical activities, and this can be of particular help if one participates in adventurous activities or sports.



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