What Are the Best Tips for Self-Help for the Elderly?

Finding self-help for the elderly can be accomplished by joining local support groups. Social service agencies can suggest self-help groups for seniors. Books and publications that offer solutions for elderly problems may be available at local libraries. Self-help techniques for the elderly can be learned with the help of medical experts or social workers. Many elderly people may find special assistive devices to be effective for gaining independence with daily tasks.

Some senior citizens who have limited mobility find it difficult to perform daily tasks, such as bathing. Installing a walk-in bathtub can be a practical and safe form of self-help for the elderly. A motorized scooter or power chair can be another way to provide self-help for the elderly. By using self-help devices, elderly people can be safe in their own homes, while remaining independent.

Other assistive devices for elderly people can improve their quality of life. Household devices, such as telephones with extra large keypads, can help those with poor vision. Telephones with amplified speakers can be a convenient aid for seniors with hearing loss.

Housebound elderly people often suffer from depression due to isolation. One way to provide self-help for the elderly who are confined to their homes is by teaching them the fundamentals of computer use. Volunteers may visit the elderly to tutor them on the basics of using the Internet. Elderly people who have access to such technology can be more self-reliant. Having access to various resources, such as community service programs, can boost confidence as well.

Social activities are essential for the well-being of elderly people. Some self-help organizations offer various games, activities, and functions designed for senior citizens. These programs for senior citizens can also provide much-needed companionship. Many programs also provide lectures and counseling that can help the elderly become more self-sufficient.

In many cases, elderly people may have a difficult time finding employment. Many communities offer services at the Department of Aging. These services may provide resources, such as a list of job websites or opportunities, that some elderly citizens may have overlooked. Many organizations help semi-retired senior citizens find part-time employment.

Elderly people suffering from various diseases may learn to manage their illnesses by attending support groups. Self-help for the elderly with Alzheimer's disease may include special cognitive activities. These programs are designed to help improve memory skills and enhance the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients. Self-help support groups for family members of Alzheimer's patients can be found online.


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My wife and I needed to do some research on self-help for the elderly in a hurry, since her mother was due to be released from a rehabilitation facility in a few weeks. What we did first was go around her house and make everything user-friendly for her. We took food down from the top shelves of her pantry so she wouldn't have to reach for it, for example. We looked for pinch points that would make using a walker difficult. We rearranged the furniture to create more open space.

The thing we discovered is that our smaller city actually had organizations dedicated to support for the elderly. They had older volunteers who would visit homebound elderly people and provide company. Others would drive clients to grocery stores or senior centers or doctors' appointments. I think many people who become caregivers for their parents aren't aware of these kinds of services.

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I wish my elderly mother-in-law would take an interest in computers and the Internet. It would probably help her get over her depression caused by isolation. Some of her favorite relatives are already using social networks, and I think she would enjoy playing online versions of card games and watching movies.

The problem is, she's already closed her mind to the idea of learning a new skill. If anything goes wrong with the electronics she already owns, someone else gets the call to repair them. I can only imagine what would happen if a computer became infected with a virus or a network connection failed. I strongly believe in self-help for the elderly, but implementing those ideas in real life can be problematic.

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