What Are the Best Tips for Secretarial Recruitment?

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The exact qualities to look for in a secretary vary on whether or not an in-office, virtual, or executive secretary position needs to filled. Virtual assistants should be extra skilled when it comes to using technological devices. Another great tip for secretarial recruitment is to use numerous forms of media to advertise and conduct hiring processes, as this allows a business to reach a diverse and large number of job candidates.

Successful secretarial recruitment includes finding an individual who has an in-depth knowledge-base about the industry in which a business operates. He or she should have excellent administrative skills and an ability to adapt to the work styles of those who accompany the employer’s lifestyle. It is wise to recruit assistants who hold a degree in office administration, as this helps to show their dedication and knowledge background. Most secretaries who obtain this type of degree complete one to two years of extensive study as well as internships. If a business is conducting secretarial recruitment to fulfill an executive position, it is smart to look for candidates holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Creating a time chart to carry out secretarial recruitment procedures is an excellent tip to follow. Finding candidates qualified for executive positions usually requires more time than lower-level openings, but the maximum time limit should be around one to two months. A time chart should start from the day that the recruitment is advertised until the hired employee completes all hiring and any probationary stages.

Effective secretarial recruitment also includes knowing what qualities and traits to look for in a candidate. Even though virtual personal assistants may perform most or all of their duties using the Internet or database servers, it is likely that they will still need to be willing to work flexible and possibly long work hours. A good virtual assistant should be self-disciplined, technologically-savvy, and have superb word processing skills. When recruiting an executive secretary, businesses should seek a candidate with top-notch efficiency skills, a high intellect, and a strong professional demeanor and attitude.

No matter what type of assistance is being sought through secretarial recruitment, the candidate should possess strong communication skills, be self-confident, and also be a strong leader. These skills are improved with the more experience that a secretary obtains. It is, therefore, important for recruitment processes to pay close attention to candidates’ previous work involvement.

It is very valuable to advertise the recruitment of a secretary through various forms of media. These include newspapers, online, radio ads, and more. The more candidates a business can reach, the more likely it is to be able to recruit a highly qualified person with excellent secretarial skills.



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