What Are the Best Tips for Retirement Careers?

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Many people elect to keep working past retirement age, which is typically age 65. Retirement careers can be rewarding for seniors who wish to stay active, offer a service, or contribute something to the community. For those interested in retirement careers to earn extra income, choosing a line of work they are experienced in is the most logical solution. For example, a retired banker or realtor might wish to become a consultant. Retirement careers do not have to be full time, and many opportunities exist for earning retirement income on a part-time basis.

For those looking for a productive way to occupy their retirement time, it's best to find work that is challenging and rewarding. This might mean compromising a good salary for a rewarding post-retirement job. It's a matter of deciding if a fulfilling job is more desirable than earning a lot of money.

Some workers choose part-time retirement careers in retail. This type of work may offer flexible hours. Again, it's best to look for a job that suits one's interests and experience level. For instance, a person who has experience in raising or caring for animals might choose a part-time retirement job at a pet store. Those who are artistic and creative might enjoy working at a craft store.


Many people foster lifelong aspirations that are halted by other obligations, such as supporting a family. Retirement careers can offer an opportunity to pursue lifelong ambitions that have remained unfulfilled. In some cases, returning to school can provide the skills necessary to achieve those goals. Taking a college course can also help provide skills for post-retirement jobs.

Retirees looking to earn supplemental income may do so from home. Caution needs to be exercised when considering work-from-home opportunities, however. Many seniors fall victim to online scams, so it's essential to do research before considering a work from home opportunity.

Freelance careers are a good choice for many looking for retirement careers. Those with writing skills may find part-time or full-time work as a freelance writer. Although many students and stay-at-home moms gravitate toward freelance writing, it may also be a good opportunity for retirees. This can be done from the convenience of home and at one's own pace.

In addition, many online websites are dedicated to helping seniors find retirement careers that suit their needs. Whether considering a part-time job in retail sales or starting a home-based business, ideas may be found through online research. Some websites post jobs to be filled by seniors, and this is another idea worth looking into.



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