What are the Best Tips for Renting Chair Covers?

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It is often a good idea to rent chair covers in order to dress up plain seats at any event, but it may be difficult to decide on the best ones. Those interested in renting chair covers should consider the material, as some types stand out more than others. It is also often desirable to add accessories to chairs, such as bows and flowers, so it is helpful to make sure that the rental company offers this option. Additionally, it is important to measure the chairs before renting covers, keeping in mind the desired length of the material.

Chair covers come in various types of material, each of which can create a different atmosphere. For example, satin is typically best for elegant affairs, as it is shiny and festive. Unfortunately, it often costs more than other materials, which those renting chair covers should consider when trying to choose the best covers for their event. Additionally, satin is usually difficult to care for, as it is not resistant to stains and often takes a long time to iron properly. On the other hand, polyester is the typical choice for those looking to decorate chairs on a budget without worrying about possible stains, as this material is considered to be stain-resistant.


Many people planning on renting chair covers for their event like to customize a bit with accessories. For this reason, it is helpful to ask the rental company whether they also supply bows, ribbons, and flowers with their chair covers, if these are desired. While these accessories can typically be found elsewhere if the chair cover rental company does not carry them, it is usually best to get them all from the same company so that the colors and materials match exactly. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find the right amount of accessories in the correct shade and style.

Measuring the chairs is typically necessary before renting chair covers so that they fit well. It should, however, be noted that various styles can be created by fitting the covers on the chairs differently. For example, floor length covers that fit the chairs loosely are often best for upscale occasions, while shorter, tighter covers typically denote a more casual event. These guidelines should be kept in mind before renting chair covers since they will have an effect on the necessary measurements. It is often helpful to check out how varying chair cover lengths appear before deciding on a particular style and ordering the desired sizes.



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