What Are the Best Tips for Releasing Anger?

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Many experts recommend that releasing anger is often healthier than letting it build up inside, but sometimes it can be a challenge for people to find positive ways of letting anger out. One common recommendation is that people should engage in some kind of physical activity to channel their anger, such as exercise. Other people may be able to release anger through the calming act of taking a deep breath and thinking things through. If anger is not overly severe, sometimes it can be more productive to confront people calmly about any actions that may have caused anger, and if anger is directed at a situation rather than a person, taking steps to solve the problem could be a productive way of releasing bad feelings.

The ability of a person to control his or her expression of anger is often dependent on how severe that anger is. Some experts say that if anger is bottled up inside too long, it may erupt uncontrollably. Letting anger out before it gets to the point where it is difficult to control might be good advice for some people because it could make releasing anger in a non-hurtful way much easier.


Some individuals find that taking a simple breather is one of the best ways of releasing anger. This could mean literally taking a deep breath and holding it for 10 seconds, or it could mean simply getting away from a person for a little while and taking the time to cool off. This sort of approach to releasing anger generally avoids any overt expression of aggressive behavior.

Physical activity can potentially be an effective way of expressing anger. Some people may lift weights or spend a little time on the treadmill when they get mad. It gives the person a quiet moment to think things through, and the physical activity itself releases pent-up energy. For some people, it is more effective for the exercise to be more focused on the direct release of aggression, and these people may spend time striking a punching bag or pillow.

The energy released when trying to express anger could also potentially be used in a very positive way. For example, if a person is angry because his or her roommate forgot to buy something at the store, a trip to pick up the missing item could be a way to express the energy from the anger positively. Using the anger itself for the express purpose of solving the problem has the dual effect of getting rid of some energy and also erasing the source of the negative feelings.



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