What are the Best Tips for Recovery After Arthroscopic Surgery?

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Some of the best tips for recovery after arthroscopic surgery include ensuring that the patient understands how to care for the wound and that he or she feels comfortable using any equipment provided for rehabilitation. Painkillers are important for managing discomfort and swelling, so the patient should take these at regular intervals. Other tips for a fast recovery after arthroscopic surgery include performing rehabilitation exercises regularly and avoiding weight bearing activities until it is safe to do so.

Before leaving the hospital, a patient usually receives advice on how to care for the joint and wound. A doctor may recommend painkillers and certain equipment to speed up the recovery process. It’s essential for the patient to understand how to care for the joint effectively after arthroscopic surgery; he or she shouldn’t feel nervous about asking questions. Advice about how to replace bandages and wound dressings may also be provided the doctor or nursing staff.

The joint will often be painful after arthroscopic surgery. Even though the procedure is considered to be minimally invasive, there is likely to be some swelling and discomfort. Managing pain is a central part of recovery. To reduce pain levels, the patient can try elevating the joint, applying cold therapy and, if recommended by the surgeon, taking painkillers. Anti-inflammatory medication is also sometimes provided, although this can cause side effects in some people.


Physiotherapy is an important part of recovery after arthroscopy. A physiotherapist usually provides a list of basic exercises before the patient is discharged from the hospital. It is essential for the patient to perform these exercises diligently to prevent loss of strength and decrease overall recovery time. The rehabilitation program varies depending on which area of the body has been operated on. Exercises after a knee arthroscopy, for example, may include straight leg raises to maintain quadriceps strength.

Recovery time after arthroscopic surgery can vary depending on a number of factors such as the age of the patient and what condition he or she was in prior to surgery. Returning to full activity before the joint is ready can lead to additional problems, including serious injury, so regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon should be scheduled. Frequent physiotherapy treatments can also be effective at reducing recovery time. It’s important that the patient not try to return to full weight bearing activities until it is safe to do so. Most patients can return to work within a few weeks of having the operation, however.



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