What Are the Best Tips for Pregnancy Aerobics?

Aerobic exercise is one of the best forms of exercise for staying in shape and maintaining a healthy heart, and it can typically be performed throughout pregnancy as long as women take a few added precautions. The most important tips for pregnancy aerobics are to avoid overdoing it and follow the recommendations of medical professionals. Other tips include dressing appropriately, choosing low-impact workouts, and staying hydrated during a workout. Pregnant women should always speak to their physician before they begin a new exercise workout program.

Like regular aerobics, pregnancy aerobics can take many forms. Running, jogging, marching in place, biking, and even brisk walking are all possible forms or aerobic exercise. During pregnancy, it is usually best to stick with the low-impact forms, unless the woman is very used to engaging in high-impact workouts. Even then, it may be best to cut back a bit, such as by choosing light jogging over high-speed running to decrease the risk of injury.

For those who need structure during a workout, pregnancy aerobic classes are often available at local gyms or other types of fitness centers. In some cases, the classes are geared to specific stages of pregnancy. For those who either cannot schedule in time to go to the gym or prefer not to spend the money on a membership, workout videos are another good option for those who prefer to workout with some type of instructor.

During the first two trimesters, women can engage in the same level of pregnancy aerobics as they did in regular aerobics prior to becoming pregnant. This means that if a woman was already used to working out for thirty minutes a day most days of the week, she can continue doing so until about mid-way through her pregnancy. During the third trimester, she may need to cut back in frequency and intensity because mobility becomes more limited and the chances of sustaining injury due to loss of balance increase.

It is extremely important to stay hydrated during pregnancy aerobics, as the body can overheat faster than it did before becoming pregnant. Women should increase their fluid intake and use extra precautions to avoid becoming overheated. Dressing appropriately for the activity is important, and wearing several light layers may be helpful. If pregnancy aerobics become painful or too tiring, it may be time to cut back significantly and talk to a medical professional about other ways to stay fit during pregnancy.


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