What Are the Best Tips for Praxis™ Prep?

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There are many good tips for Praxis™ prep. The first is to know the format and types of questions the test covers. Creating a study plan that takes into account the amount of time one has before the test is the most important tip. After creating a plan, one needs to gather appropriate study materials. Having practical experience in a classroom may be necessary depending on the test.

Twenty-four states in the US use the Praxis™ series of exams to certify teachers. The exams cover content knowledge in the majority of academic subjects. Another set of exams, the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT), covers teaching methodology for elementary, middle and high school teachers. The tests' creator, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), provides detailed information concerning each test on its website. This information is included in a document titled "Test at a Glance."

Once one knows the structure and requirements of an upcoming exam, Praxis™ prep becomes a matter of creating an appropriate study schedule. If one has eight weeks or more before an exam, one hour a day of test preparation should suffice. If there are four weeks or fewer, two or more hours a day may be necessary depending on one's comfort with the test material. No matter the study plan, appropriate study materials are necessary.


The ETS provides study materials for all Praxis™ exams on its website. If one has ample time for Praxis™ prep, a used textbook is an excellent way to refresh content knowledge. Also, many websites are dedicated to Praxis™ prep. These websites have resources ranging from PowerPoint presentations that cover content knowledge to tips left by previous exam takers. Finally, a number of online retailers offer study books created by separate exam preparation companies; looking at reviews can help one choose the best exam study book.

Praxis™ prep can involve classroom experience. Exams such as the PLT test one's ability to make appropriate classroom decisions. Having classroom experience can make the test, especially the essay portion, much easier to accomplish. For those who take the PLT before undergoing student teaching or an internship, using the study materials described in the previous paragraph are the best route to passing the PLT.

As many years may have passed since one last took a timed, standardized test, Praxis™ prep should include brushing up on test taking and time management skills. Taking a series of practice tests before one's test date should be a part of every exam taker's study plan. Practice tests accomplish two things. The first is that the results show the effectiveness of one's study program. Also, one becomes more familiar with the test itself.



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