What are the Best Tips for Overcoming Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder — often referred to as anxiety disorder — can be controlled by using a number of tips and methods that help reduce, and possibly eliminate, symptoms associated with the condition. Although completely overcoming panic disorder might not be possible for everyone, learning these methods can lessen the severity and frequency of panic-related attacks. First, studying and learning about panic disorder is an important step in understanding the nature of the condition and its symptoms. Second, seeking treatment or therapy can also be beneficial in defeating the disorder. Lastly, developing relaxing body and mind techniques can help people with panic disorder conquer their anxiety attacks.

A helpful first tip for overcoming panic disorder is learning as much as possible about panic and anxiety. Panic disorder typically occurs when a person suddenly feels an intense sense of anxiety or extreme fear that is unexplainable and seemingly unfounded. Symptoms of a panic attack can include hyperventilating, shaking, feeling faint or dizzy and sweating. Simply learning about panic disorder can give someone who suffers from the condition a sense of relief that he or she is not to blame for the anxiety. This can also help a person overcome the shame and embarrassment that often comes with suffering from panic disorder.


Secondly, therapy is another step that can aid a person in overcoming panic disorder, because he or she can learn to confront anxieties with this type of treatment. One common form of therapy for panic disorder is called cognitive behavioral therapy, in which people who have panic disorder are encouraged to rationalize their fears by putting them into perspective. This can help a person realize that his or her anxiety often has no real basis, and it can stop attacks from escalating. Exposure therapy is another treatment method for panic disorder, during which a person is exposed to the physical feelings of a panic attack while in a safe setting. This allows the person to act out the sensations of a panic attack — such as rapid breathing or shaking — to become familiar with the symptoms and, eventually, control them.

Finally, a person can become familiar with relaxing body and mind techniques that can help to control panic disorder. For example, taking deep breaths while having a panic attack helps to subdue intense feelings and allows the heart rate to return to normal. In addition, relaxation exercises, such as yoga or meditation, can help center the mind when feelings of anxiety occur. Furthermore, finding distractions can also be helpful if a person is experiencing feelings of panic. He or she can try listening to music, reading a book or watching a movie to distract from the anxiety.

Overcoming panic disorder can be frustrating and generally takes time, but it is much easier if a person understands the condition, methods and tips that can be used to prevent or lessen feelings of anxiety. Millions of people around the world suffer from panic disorder. The condition can strike both men and women of any age or race. Most often, genetics are a contributing factor in the development of panic disorder, but specific events and circumstances can trigger the condition as well.



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