What are the Best Tips for Overcoming Grief?

People who have experienced a loss or other traumatic event may have difficulty overcoming grief, but there are several tips they can follow which may help them to work through it. The first step for many people is accepting that they have suffered a painful experience and allowing themselves to grieve. The grieving process should not be rushed and the person should try to take things one day at a time instead of pushing to get over it before he or she is ready. Often it is helpful to let the feelings a person is experiencing out by talking to a close friend or relative; sometimes these people are grieving as well, and they can help each other to not feel as alone. Keeping active and engaging in activities that are enjoyable can help to stop people from becoming overcome with grief and gain a more positive outlook.

Denying that something bad has happened or not taking the time to feel pain can make overcoming grief difficult. Some people have a hard time accepting that they have suffered a loss or trauma, and so pretend it did not happen or was not that bad. Accepting the situation allows the person to go through the grieving process, which is also very important. It may seem easier to deny being in pain, but this often keeps a person from truly overcoming it and finding acceptance. People should allow themselves to feel their grief day to day, for as long as necessary, and to not rush themselves into feeling better.

Sharing one's experience with another person is another way that is typically helpful for overcoming grief. Feeling isolated and alone may make a person feel even more upset, and he may also have a hard time working through such difficult emotions on his own. Talking to someone like a friend or family member and letting them know his needs help can make a hard situation easier to bear. In some cases, these people may be grieving for the same reason, and knowing that he is having the same experience can also help ease suffering.

Some people stop doing things they enjoy while grieving, whether due to guilt, lack of energy, or other reasons. Engaging in pleasant activities, however, is often good for overcoming grief. While grief should not be denied, wallowing in it is usually not healthy either. Keeping busy can keep it from being overwhelming and help the person focus on other things as well.


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