What Are the Best Tips for Oral Piercing Aftercare?

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Oral piercings are a type of body modification that is commonly used for self-expression, or social or personal reasons. These types of piercing will require careful care due to the nature of the piercing and the amount of bacteria that is naturally found in the oral cavity. Oral piercing aftercare consists of dosages of ibuprofen, careful cleansing, and finally changing the jewelry once the piercing has healed.

There are a few side effects of this type of piercing for which the client should be prepared. Swelling and tenderness in the oral cavity will be a regular occurrence for the first few days after the piercing has been positioned, normally lasting a couple of days. Bleeding is also common and can be remedied by swishing with a saltwater solution. There may also be a bit of bruising or discoloration of the facial area, which could potentially be covered up with makeup. Do not be alarmed if a yellow secretion leaks from the piercing, as most will ooze a liquid consisting of dead cells and blood.


There are several tips that you can follow in order to make the process of recovery easier. Taking ibuprofen can cut back on soreness, and it might also diminish swelling. Try to move slowly when eating, making sure to take small bites while getting accustomed to new jewelry. Cool drinks and ice may soothe the area and might help to reduce swelling. Drinking from a straw may be good advice for someone who has had his or her lip pierced, but it is often discouraged for tongue piercings. Oral piercings generally take many months to completely heal.

Careful oral piercing aftercare should be especially heeded for tongue piercings. A non-alcohol, anti-bacterial mouthwash can help to ward off infections and invading pathogens. Be sure to rinse the mouth at least twice a day. Try to not touch the tongue when brushing your teeth, as this will trigger sharp pangs of pain. A pale circle may also on the base of the tongue — this is the tongue's version of a scab and it will eventually disappear.

Wearing barbell jewelry requires careful consideration both during and after the healing process. Make certain that all balls are tightened before going to bed to avoid accidentally swallowing them during sleep. After the piercing has healed, be sure to revisit the piercing parlor to get a brand new, shorter barbell. The piercer should have mounted a longer barbell to accommodate for the swelling, but a shorter barbell will prevent damage to the teeth. Adjusting to eating and drinking in addition to talking will help to avoid accidental chipping of teeth or other such injuries as well.



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