What are the Best Tips for Operating System Security?

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There are a number of ways to achieve operating system security, and some of the best and easiest methods include using a single antivirus program and keeping an operating system (OS) up to date. A computer user should also consider a strong firewall program on his or her computer. When other people are using a computer owner’s computer, he or she should also be aware of what is being done to the computer and what websites are being visited. Operating system security is very important and ultimately fairly easy to maintain with a bit of perseverance and some effort.

The operating system on a computer is the program that handles the basic functions of the computer once it has been successfully started up and is running. This includes running other programs, as well as allowing the computer to work with devices and hardware that are connected to the computer. If the operating system security on a computer is compromised, a number of potential issues can arise that may make further use of that computer difficult or potentially impossible, without extensive efforts to resolve any problems.


One of the best forms of operating system security is the use of a single, effective antivirus program. There are many different antivirus programs available at a wide range of prices. Though some programs can be quite expensive, there are even antivirus programs available freely for personal use. Once an antivirus program is chosen and installed on the computer, it should be used without any other antivirus programs, and it should be kept up to date.

If more than one antivirus program is running on a computer, it can actually hinder operating system security on the computer. This is because these programs can potentially identify each other as threats and shut each other down, leaving a computer open to attacks from malicious software, or malware. The antivirus program being used should also be updated as frequently as possible to ensure that the latest threats to operating system security are identified by the program. Whatever operating system is being used on the computer should also be updated regularly, as security issues are constantly being identified and rectified through updates to such programs.

A firewall program can also provide excellent operating system security as it can prevent unauthorized users and websites from accessing the computer. Since users can override a firewall or antivirus program, however, any computer user should be aware of who else is using his or her computer. Any activity from someone else should be monitored by a computer owner to ensure that someone else does not open up his or her computer to attack from malware or viruses.



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