What Are the Best Tips for Opening a Daycare?

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Many of the same steps any business owner needs to take to get started will apply to opening a daycare as well. The potential business owner will need to consider funding for the business, appropriate licenses and permits, a target audience, marketing and advertising, and writing a business plan to encompass it all. Before the potential business owner takes any steps toward opening a daycare, he or she should spend a significant amount of time researching local laws and regulations regarding daycare businesses, as such regulations can vary by region.

Researching other businesses in the area that cater to a similar audience will be another important step toward opening a daycare. The potential business owner will need to think about how he or she can make the new business better than the existing ones, and a marketing and advertising plan will need to be thought up to attract potential customers who would otherwise go to existing daycare centers. It is best to write a business plan to clearly outline all of these considerations, as well as budgetary concerns, since any banks or lending institutions will want to see such a plan before lending any money to the potential business owner.


Another important consideration when opening a daycare is the location of the business. Many daycare owners choose to operate out of their own homes, but it will be important to research local laws and regulations. It is best to open the business in a location that is convenient for potential customers; such customers will be less likely to patronize a business that is difficult to get to on a daily basis. When considering a location, be sure to think about the safety of the children both inside and outside of the building, and look for potential safety hazards that may prevent opening a daycare in that location.

You will need to hire reliable staff members to work at the daycare center you open. This process should not be taken lightly, and it will be necessary to find experienced caregivers who will submit to a background check as well as fingerprinting for the safety of the children. Caregivers should have experience working with children of the ages that the business will give care to, and they should be trained or otherwise certified in first aid skills as well as CPR.



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