What Are the Best Tips for Natural Looking Hair?

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Some of the best tips for natural looking hair are to wave and straighten the hair in the proper ways and use dyes that go well with a person’s skin tone and eye color. Making straight hair look naturally wavy is easy with the right technique, but using too much product to achieve the look will usually make the hair crunchy and unnatural looking. Just about anyone’s hair can look naturally straight, but one area many people neglect is the roots, which, when left unstraightened, will make the entire hairstyle look off. In addition, if a person is dying his or her hair, he or she must take into consideration base hair color, skin tone, and eye color to pull off a completely natural looking style.

Wavy but natural looking hair is easy to achieve for people with straight hair, but it takes some preparation. After showering, a curl-inducing product should be run through the damp hair. The hair can be combed through and then twisted and pinned with bobby pins and slept on. Alternately, the hair can be braided in four to six sections and slept on. In the morning when the hair is completely dry, the person can apply a finishing spray, remove any pins or bands, and gently comb through the hair to loosen the waves.


To get straight natural looking hair, a person can use a hot straightening iron. It is important to start as close to the roots as possible, because otherwise the hair near the head will have volume and wave while the rest of the hair does not. Another way to get straighter hair, but not necessarily completely straight hair, is to wash it and then put it in pin-straight braids. In the morning, once the hair is dry, a finishing spray can be applied and then the hair can be brushed out until mostly straight.

If dying the hair, it is generally best to go two shades lighter or two shades darker for the most natural looking hair color. While anyone can go blonde or deep red, for example, only certain people can look completely natural with those colors. Someone with olive skin often looks most natural with light brown to black hair, while someone with fair skin and fair eyes looks most natural with blonde to brown hair. A reputable hair stylist is usually able to help figure out a natural looking hair color for anyone.



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