What are the Best Tips for Mental Illness Recovery?

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The mental illness recovery process varies greatly depending on the specific illness from which a person is suffering, but there are a few general guidelines that many experts recommend. The best tips for mental illness recovery are generally focused on teaching an individual to manage his illness on his own. This may involve using medication regularly as a way to manage the effects of mental illness, and it can also involve learning new ways of thinking.

Many people with severe mental illnesses have to rely on others to a great extent, and in many cases, it may not be possible to totally cure the illness. Working toward independence is often the best for which an individual can aim, and for many people this is a sufficient kind of recovery. Independence generally requires the person to learn how to face his problems on his own, which usually involves the employment of various coping strategies.

In order to make this easier, many people also take medications that lessen the effects of mental illness. For some of these people, recovery would be impossible without the drugs, but their goals are usually to keep the medication to a minimum. This can vary significantly depending on the illness. Some illnesses don’t require medication to see great improvement, while others are generally impossible to control without significant dosages of medication.


Being surrounded by people who care can often be very important to someone striving for mental illness recovery. A support structure could include family members, spouses and close friends. These people can help patients deal with their problems and also keep them from feeling alone as they face their challenges. In many cases, people with mental illnesses can end up being socially isolated, so getting a solid support structure is considered relatively important.

Getting out into the world and becoming involved in something can be an important step for some people during mental illness recovery. Making this happen might include getting a job, which can also provide a greater feeling of independence. If that is not desirable or feasible, the patient may involve himself in social activities that help to create a sense of community, such as volunteer work.

There was a time when mental illness recovery was generally considered very rare because doctors defined it differently. The original definition required the person to completely overcome his mental illness. Eventually, this definition was changed so that learning to live without assistance can also be considered a kind of mental illness recovery.



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