What Are the Best Tips for Making Spider Cupcakes?

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When making spider cupcakes, it can be helpful to first determine the overall design for them in order to make their actual creation easier. Different decorations can be used and the desired outcome can dramatically impact which ones are appropriate and how they should be incorporated into the treats. One common design for spider cupcakes uses the cake as the body of the arachnid and then adds decorations to create the legs and other details. Frosting can also be used to make an image on a cupcake that looks like a spider, while plastic toys can be added to some treats.

Spider cupcakes can be made in many different ways, and the best tips and techniques for making them often depend on the design being used. When making these, the design should be drawn out in advanced to determine how the final product should look and to find problems before they arise. The spider cupcakes may differ from the design in the end, but this provides a guide that can make them easier to create.

One of the most popular designs for spider cupcakes is the creation of an arachnid using the cake as the body or central section. Just about any type of cake works well for these treats and black wrappers are typically used to improve upon their appearance. The cupcakes are typically iced in black or similarly dark frosting to give the body texture; multiple strands of frosting are often used to make the spider appear hairy. Eyes can be added with candy or marshmallows, while legs coming out of the cupcake body can be created from pieces of black licorice.

Spider cupcakes can also be made as a regular dessert that includes an image of a spider on top of it. For these types of treats, lighter frosting is often used at first, with the arachnid’s body and details drawn in using darker icing. Thick frosting that sets fairly firm can create the creature with some dimensionality to it, appearing to stick up out of the top of the cake. Licorice legs and similar details can be added, often using candy and cookies.

A plastic spider can also be used to create spider cupcakes in which the cake is the setting for a toy spider. These cakes are often decorated to appear like a web, with white frosting and dark lines over it. A toothpick or similar tool can be used to “pull” the lines out to make them look like webs. The plastic toy can then be placed in the midst of it.


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