What Are the Best Tips for Making Simple Syrup?

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Making simple syrup is easy, though there are a few tips that can make the process smoother or more interesting. Most recipes for this syrup follow a straightforward measurement of one part sugar to one part water, which is then heated until fully dissolved. It is also possible to alter the thickness of the simple syrup, however, by adjusting the amount of sugar and water used, such as one part sugar to two parts water. Different types of flavors can also be added to the syrup by using various ingredients, such as a vanilla bean, or by using sugars other than plain white sugar.

Simple syrup is basically made as a combination of water and sugar, which is usually heated to dissolve the sugar into the water. This is used for a variety of purposes, though it is commonly added to different drinks in order to introduce sweetness. Simple syrup is quite popular in both alcoholic drinks and other beverages, such as fresh lemonade and iced or sun tea. It is also possible for someone to make it without heating the sugar and water, simply by adding sugar to water and mixing it vigorously until thoroughly dissolved and combined.

Most recipes for simple syrup call for a basic combination of one part sugar to one part water, which is heated until dissolved but not boiled. In this type of recipe, a “part” is any measurement, allowing the recipe to be used to make vastly different quantities of the syrup. This recipe for simple syrup produces a fairly thick concoction, which is often best for alcoholic drinks and for use in certain desserts. Thinner variations can also be made simply by adjusting the amount of sugar added to the water. Two parts water to one part sugar makes a syrup that is perfect for use in chilled beverages such as sun tea, while two parts sugar to one part water makes even richer and sweeter syrup.

Simple syrup can be enhanced with added flavors. A vanilla bean, for example, can be split and placed in a bottle, and the heated syrup is then poured over it to infuse the syrup with vanilla flavor. Different types of sugar can also be used in simple syrup recipes, to greatly alter the final flavor of the syrup. Brown sugar or raw, unprocessed sugars can be used to make it, which alters the clarity of the basic recipe but introduces a more complex and richer flavor.


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