What Are the Best Tips for Making Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker?

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In many ways, making rice pudding in a rice cooker is easier than cooking it on the stove top or in an oven. The temperature in a rice cooker is ideal for cooking rice and does not need to be adjusted as the rice cooks. The most important things to do, when making rice pudding in a rice cooker, is to select the right type of rice, properly measure the ingredients, and stir the contents of the rice cooker regularly.

Depending on the recipe being used, rice pudding may be made with rice that has already been cooked or with raw rice. When making rice pudding in a rice cooker from cooked rice, the first thing the cook needs to do is to measure out the correct amount of rice and water and allow the rice cooker to cook the rice completely. After the rice is done, it should stirred and then milk, cream, eggs, and other ingredients mixed in before the rice cooker is set to cook once more. When following a recipe that begins with raw rice, the rice cooker will probably need to be turned on a few times because it will switch back to the keep warm setting before the rice pudding has finished cooking.


When making rice pudding in a rice cooker it is also important to start with the correct type of rice. Medium grain or short grain rice works best because they are starchier than long grain rice, which can become too mushy in a rice pudding. Whatever type of rice is used, it is also important to rinse it thoroughly before cooking it in the rice maker.

Any ingredients that commonly go into a rice pudding can be placed in a rice cooker. Dry or fresh fruits, such as raisins or apples, can be mixed into pre-cooked or raw rice and cooked along with it. Nuts, noodles, and flavorings like cinnamon or nutmeg can also be placed directly in the rice cooker. Rice pudding is made with milk or cream and sometimes eggs, which can be added to the rice instead of water. Eggs should, however, be placed in the rice cooker towards the end of cooking process.

Stirring a rice pudding in a rice cooker is important. Though the rice cooker is normally designed to be turned on and left alone, the bottom of the pudding can scorch if it isn't stirred frequently. It may also be necessary to add extra milk as the pudding cooks because taking the lid off the rice cooker to stir the rice will cause some of the liquid to evaporate.



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