What Are the Best Tips for Making Lobster Risotto?

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Risotto is a creamy rice dish originating in Italy. While many people assume risotto is difficult to make, it is really fairly simple. A lobster risotto is a risotto dish with lobster added. Making a good lobster risotto is a matter of following a few basic techniques that are used to make any risotto.

The basic, and by far the most important ingredient in risotto is the rice. Arborio rice is a short grain rice that gives risotto its distinctive texture. Always use arborio rice for making risotto.

The method for cooking risotto is different than that used in cooking other types of rice. Risotto is cooked uncovered and stirred frequently. To cook risotto, the rice is cooked briefly in a little butter or olive oil in a heavy saucepan or skillet. the rice should be cooked just long enough for the grains to absorb the butter or oil and begin to release a slightly nutty aroma. Minced onion or shallots may be cooked with the rice during this step.

The liquid should be added in small amounts, rather than all at once, as the rice is stirred over medium heat. For making lobster risotto, a lobster stock would be ideal, but chicken broth or a weak fish stock can be used instead. As the rice absorbs the stock, a little more should be added. This is repeated until the rice is fully cooked and the dish has a creamy texture.


The rice is properly cooked when it is mostly tender with just a hint of firmness. It should not be crunchy. In many risotto dishes, other ingredients are often cooked along with the rice, but for lobster risotto, this is not necessarily so. It is better to cook the lobster separately and add the roughly chopped meat to the risotto just as it nears completion. Tail meat, claw meat, or both may be used.

Most risotto dishes call for fresh, shredded parmesan cheese to be added once the rice is done. Lobster risotto benefits from the addition of parmesan or another cheese like asiago, gruyere, or fontina. The addition of cheese helps give the dish creamier texture and a layered, complex flavor.

To make a lobster risotto even more delicious, add a little fresh, whole, sweet cream butter when you add the lobster meat. If using a whole lobster, puree or pulverize the tomalley, the liver of the lobster, and add it to the risotto when the meat is added. If using a female lobster, the coral, which is lobster roe, may also be added. Some cooks also like to add just a little bit of white wine to the stock. Other possible additions are mushrooms, fresh chives, and a dash of brandy.



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