What Are the Best Tips for Making Frog Cupcakes?

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When making frog cupcakes, determine the style of the cupcakes you want to make and the way in which you wish to have them resemble a frog. If you want the cake to be a part of the design, then plan this out so that you use the proper type of cake. There are quite a few different ways in which you can make frog cupcakes, so deciding on an overall decoration scheme ahead of time can simplify the process. Draw out different ideas and think of various types of food that you can use, such as candy or cookies, to make the cupcakes more closely resemble frogs.

Frog cupcakes can be made in many different ways, though they are typically decorated so that they either have the animal drawn on them or physically resemble one. Planning is one of the most important aspects of making these treats, however, as a proper plan can simplify the process greatly. Consider if you want your frog cupcakes to simply have a face drawn on them, of if you want them to resemble the full body. You might even look for plastic frogs that are sitting, and then make cupcakes that look like lily pads with the plastic amphibian on them.

To make frog cupcakes that simply have a face or image of a frog drawn on them, you can typically use any type of cake you want. The frosting is going to be the most important part of the design, so choose frosting that you can work with easily but that sets well enough to keep an image distinct. Practice drawing your design for your frog cupcakes on paper, so that you are better prepared to use the frosting. Even if you draw a frog face, you can still consider ways to include candy or other objects as part of the design, such as a piece of red taffy as a tongue sticking out.

You might also consider making frog cupcakes that look like the full body of a frog. There are different candies and frosting that you can use. Consider spearmint leaves for feet, using marshmallows with a chocolate chip in them for eyes, and other types of candy and cookies to achieve other shapes on its body. As you make these types of more elaborate frog cupcakes, consider using white cake that you can then dye green, so that still seems frog-like while eating it.



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