What Are the Best Tips for Making Eggless Oatmeal Cookies?

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Eggless oatmeal cookies can be a pleasant snack or dessert for nearly any occasion. When making this food, it is important to use the right type of oatmeal. Few ingredients are normally required for basic cookies, but fruit or candy may be added for variety and flavor. These cookies sometimes have a thicker texture than if egg were added, so it might be necessary to mix and form them by hand.

Oatmeal generally comes in two different varieties: quick cooking and old-fashioned. Old-fashioned oats normally have only minimal processing, while quick cooking types are more refined. Quick cooking oatmeal is preferred for making eggless oatmeal cookies, as it usually cooks faster and results in softer cookies. Plain oatmeal is typically suggested, so using instant packets of flavored cereal could affect the taste.

Butter and water are two moistening ingredients typically used in eggless oatmeal cookies. They also usually contain flour, leavening, and white or brown sugar. Spices or flavoring such as vanilla extract are not usually called for, which means the end result may not taste as rich as traditional cookies. Raisins, dried cranberries, or chocolate chips can add flavor and color to these eggless treats without affecting the cookie's texture. Adding raisins or cranberries could result in a slightly chewier product, while baking chips might make the cookies taste sweeter.


Using a large wooden spoon to mix eggless oatmeal cookies can be a good idea since these utensils normally cut through heavy dough easily. It could be especially helpful to use a spoon when folding in fruit or candy because mixing these items in is sometimes awkward to do. If it appears that some of the butter is not mixed thoroughly, kneading the cookie dough by hand can usually help distribute it. Dough may stick to the hands when doing so, but coating the fingers lightly with vegetable oil normally prevents this from happening.

Once the eggless oatmeal cookies are mixed, they can be placed in small balls on a well-oiled cookie sheet. The formed cookies should be flatted slightly on top so they will bake evenly. It is not usually important to worry about the shape of these cookies, since using a cookie cutter to make them uniform is often cumbersome. The cookies need to bake for only a few minutes in a warm oven until they are lightly brown on top and around the edges.



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