What Are the Best Tips for Making an Eggless Pastry?

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Eggless pastry is popular with dieters who need to lower their cholesterol and people who are allergic to eggs. People who are on a vegan diet will also want to avoid using eggs in baked goods. Other ingredients can be substituted for the eggs in these dishes, and recipes are easily found online and in cookbooks. The best tips for making eggless pastry are to follow the recipe precisely, be sure the liquid being used is cold, and read the ingredients on an egg-substitute product packaging to be certain it does not contain egg whites.

Eggs traditionally provide taste and texture to baked goods. They also help hold the pastry together. Baking eggless pastry can be a challenge, often leaving the finished product bland and crumbly. If prepared correctly, an eggless pastry can be tasty and moist and hold its shape.

The trick to producing a moist, tasty eggless cake or pie is finding a good recipe that combines several ingredients to replace the eggs. A home cook may have to try a few recipes before finding one suitable. Many recipes for cake will use ingredients such as applesauce, which provides excellent texture and taste.


Eggless cake recipes typically use water, milk, or soy milk to provide moisture and help bind the ingredients together. The liquid should be kept in the refrigerator and taken out at the last minute. It is then beaten well with a fork or egg beater to produce a frothy foam. Flour provides the bulk of most cakes, while baking soda helps the cake rise, salt enhances flavor, and sugar provides sweetness. Vegetable oil helps keep the cake moist.

Some recipes for eggless pastry use an egg substitute in place of the eggs. Many packaged egg substitutes contain egg whites along with other ingredients, such as vegetable oil and artificial flavoring. If an egg substitute is to be used, the packaging should be read thoroughly to ensure it is made with ingredients other than egg whites. The best places to find egg substitutes without egg whites are health food stores.

An eggless pie is generally easier to accomplish than an eggless cake, since most pie recipes don't call for eggs. Most standard recipes for pie crust include flour, salt, water or milk, and butter or shortening. If a vegan pie is preferred, oil can be used instead of the butter and ice cold water can replace the milk.



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