What Are the Best Tips for Making a Workers' Compensation Claim?

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Individuals who plan to file workers' compensation claims should seek immediate medical attention from approved health care providers and explicitly follow doctors' orders. These individuals should familiarize themselves with the workers' compensation process before beginning and have realistic expectations that it may be necessary to appeal a rejection. It is also important to realize that a successful claim may require retaining an attorney.

For the best results, those planning to file workers' compensation claims should seek immediate medical attention. Unless an emergency or some other special circumstance prohibits doing so, it is important to always seek treatment from an approved health care professional. Employers are generally responsible for providing workers with lists of approved health care providers or guiding them to sources of this information.

Despite the inconvenience, it is important for people with workers' compensation claims to explicitly follow the orders and recommendations of their physicians. Medical appointments should not be missed, and the rescheduling of appointments should be limited to instances of extreme necessity. It is especially important to act as directed with regard to returning to work and the limitations of occupational duties. Returning to work against a physician's orders or engaging in work other than that approved by the physician can have severe negative effects on the outcome of a person's claim.


Workers' compensation claims are handled by insurance companies. These businesses are not generally eager to dole out benefits, even to those who are deserving. Procedural errors are often sufficient grounds for the denial of claims, and insurance companies commonly use these opportunities to avoid paying the injured. To avoid unnecessary rejection, individuals should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the entire process before submitting their claims.

Becoming familiar with the process involves more than knowing what to do. It also involves knowing the reasons that benefits may be denied. To avoid wasting time and other resources, individuals should be sure that certain circumstances, such as intoxication or time limits, do not disqualify them from receiving benefits.

It is important for workers not to be surprised or discouraged by rejections, even if they appear to qualify for benefits. Workers' compensation claims are often denied, but this does not mean that all hope for benefits are lost. It common for claimants to be forced to go through the appeal process.

Finally, those filing claims should seriously consider getting the help of an experienced attorney. Workers' compensation attorneys specialize in these types of cases and usually have in-depth knowledge of the system. If it were not for their skill and expertise, many recipients would not have successful claims.



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