What Are the Best Tips for Making a Mozzarella Tart?

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When it comes to making a mozzarella tart, considerations may include the type of crust he or she is going to use as well as the mozzarella and any additional ingredients that might be added. Different types of crusts can be used in a tart, though puff pastry and standard pastry pie crusts are quite common. The mozzarella used can be very important, since fresh mozzarella may be too watery for some crusts. A number of other ingredients can also be added to a mozzarella tart to enhance the flavor, including fresh basil, fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce, and other vegetables.

While the main ingredient in a mozzarella tart may be the cheese itself, the crust used to make the tart should be considered carefully. Some recipes call for the use of puff pastry, which provides a light and flaky texture for the tart. This type of crust can be a bit too light, however, and may become soggy with other ingredients, and is often best used in small appetizers rather than large tarts. Standard pie pastry can also be used in a crust, which may still be flaky but is usually a bit denser than puff pastry, and this is often better for a larger mozzarella tart baked in a pie dish.


The mozzarella chosen for this type of tart is also quite important, since it can have a tremendous impact on the final dish. Fresh mozzarella can be used in a mozzarella tart, though it should usually be squeezed and patted dry to reduce the amount of moisture it releases while baking. Even with these steps, the fresh mozzarella may be too wet and result in a soggy crust. Packaged mozzarella can also be used, and though the texture and flavor may not be quite as exceptional as fresh cheese, the crust often holds up better in such a tart.

Other ingredients should also be considered for use in a mozzarella tart, and these can vary quite a bit depending on the recipe. Some recipes may call for tomatoes in the tart, and the tomatoes used should usually be sliced and allowed to drain before placing them in the tart. This depends on the type of tomatoes used, however, since some small tomatoes may not have as much juice. A mozzarella tart can also include a number of other ingredients ranging from fresh basil and oregano to sliced mushrooms, olives, and even grilled peppers.



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