What are the Best Tips for Living Room Lighting?

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The living room in a home is where many people spend the most amount of their time, which means the lighting is not only for seeing, but it also plays an important part of the design for that room as well. Several factors play a part in picking out the lighting, including where the seating is, how natural light is brought in and safety when entering the room. Carefully considering several factors can allow for easier choosing of living room lighting.

If someone enters his or her home through the living room, having the light switch or a lamp right next to the door can be beneficial. It can prevent the person from tripping over anything, whether it be shoes, a pet or even from running into a piece of furniture. It can also allow him or her to get a good look at the space before completely entering the home.


There are several different ceiling options for living room lighting. One option is to have a fan where in the center of it is a light fixture. The light is typically controlled either by the main light switch for the room or by the remote for the fan. Another option is just to have a light fixture without the fan. It is typically centralized on the ceiling and comes in various different forms from domes to more elaborate designs. A third option is to have recessed lighting, which is essentially lighting installed into the ceilings without a fixture.

Some people may also choose to have a dimmer for their living room lighting. The person can brighten and darken the lights in the room with the press of the main switch. This is a good option for those who would prefer a wider range of lighting without having a substantial number of lamps.

Table lamps are another option for living room lighting. They can be especially useful for those who need more light to read, do a project or write. Put the lamp on at least one end table near seating, such as on one end of the couch or next to a recliner.

Choosing the right living room lighting can accentuate the room as well as show off the beauty of the d├ęcor. While it is important to consider the comfort of guests, it is even more vital to think about those who live in the home on a day-to-day basis. Being able to see comfortably and without issue is something to consider before even thinking about the design element.



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