What are the Best Tips for Installing Bathroom Tile?

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While homeowners may consider installing their own bathroom tile to be a cost-effective way to re-do their bathroom, the process can be a challenge. To have the best results, individuals who are considering undertaking this project should keep some basic tips in mind. Determining the ideal type of tile to be used is a very important step when it comes to installing bathroom tile. In addition, cutting all of the necessary tiles ahead of time, using the right equipment, and working on only a small section at a time will ensure that installers have a bathroom that they are proud of.

When it comes to installing bathroom tile, individuals should first consider where the tile will be used. This will aid in determining which type of tile is best. Typically, tile that is intended for use on a bathroom floor should be relatively porous. Additionally, bathroom tiles that are not glossy, such as those with a sand glaze, are highly preferred for bathroom floors. In contrast, tiles that are intended as a sink or shower backsplash can be shiny and glossy, as they are largely used for cosmetic purposes.

To achieve the best results when installing bathroom tile, it is also important to cut all necessary tiles ahead of time. While this is usually not the most enjoyable part of installing tile, it can prevent major stress and headaches in the middle of the project. In addition, this maintains a tidier work area, making clean-up much more manageable.


Individuals who are installing bathroom tile should also be sure to use the right equipment. At a minimum, workers should have at least a tape measure, grout, and a tile cutter. Some individuals may also appreciate the use of a tile spacer. While this piece of equipment is not necessary, it can make maintaining the appropriate distances between tiles much easier.

When installing bathroom tile, a thin layer of grout should be applied to only a small section of the surface that will be tiled. The tiles can then be placed on the freshly applied grout. It is important for installers to grout only a small area at a time and then apply the appropriate number of tiles to prevent the grout from becoming too dry. Tiles which are applied to grout that has begun to dry prematurely will usually not stick as well, and may require frequent repair.



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