What Are the Best Tips for Increasing Job Satisfaction?

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It is not difficult to become unsatisfied with a job, so many employees end up feeling lethargic, uncaring, and unmotivated. Both employer and employee must take responsibility for increasing job satisfaction both to keep the employee happy and motivated, and to improve production at the company. An evaluation of why job satisfaction may be plummeting is usually the first step toward eliminating the problem. Increasing job satisfaction can begin by bringing up the issue directly to employees and soliciting feedback from them to find out what they feel is causing the issue and how it can be resolved.

Employee recognition is an often overlooked tool toward increasing job satisfaction. It is easy for an employee to feel as though his or her contributions are being overlooked or undervalued, so recognizing employees when they complete a difficult task or simply produce consistent results is a great way to ensure they feel valued and appreciated. While many employees simply want to be paid fairly, many others want to be recognized for the hard work they do; a simple thanks or handshake is often enough, though creating certificates, awards, and even a rewards system is an even better way to show appreciation and motivate workers to do better work.


The employee can take responsibility for increasing job satisfaction by altering his or her daily work habits. Sometimes stagnation can lead to a decrease in motivation and an increase in weariness, so the employee might consider doing some professional development that will allow him or her to learn new skills or techniques. This will not only improve the employee's morale and interest in the job, but it will also prove to be an asset to the company, as it will be employing a better trained person who is ready to tackle difficult projects. Other ways the employee can begin increasing job satisfaction may include learning to communicate more efficiently with bosses and co-workers, developing friendships in the office, and even ensuring the employee takes plenty of time away from work to do activities that are fun and rewarding.

Sometimes employees and employers expect to boost productivity by working more or demanding more. This can actually be counterproductive, as a stressed mind is likely to operate less efficiently. It is important to take several short breaks throughout the day to refocus and lower one's stress level; increasing job satisfaction means being happy with the flow of one's day, which means the employee may need to take a break. A walk around the block or simply a stop in the break room can work wonders toward improving efficiency and energy.



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