What Are the Best Tips for How to Style Long Hair?

A big part of knowing how to style long hair involves learning what causes breakage and what can be done to prevent it. Getting frequent haircuts is the most important tip for those who want to have long hair. Doing almost anything to wet hair, from rubbing it with a towel to putting it up, can create a lot of damage. Use specific hairbrushes and combs depending on the desired finished look and only use accessories that won't pull the hair or cause breakage. Getting personalized tips from a stylist can help keep long hair in top shape.

Someone who wants to grow her hair long must first remove all the damaged hair, even if that means cutting off several inches. After the initial haircut, it's vital to get a trim every eight to 12 weeks to keep the style fresh and the hair in good condition. Unless otherwise instructed to make a change, the stylist will typically only remove the split ends during each appointment.

Some of the worst offenses done to hair occur when the hair is wet and most fragile. When learning how to style long hair, start with three basic but important tips. Never brush hair or put it into an updo when it's wet. Don't rub it with a towel, only blot it. Air dry the hair if possible, but if that's not a feasible option, use a hair dryer with a diffuser and position it far enough away so the hair won't burn.

Whether looking to add volume or combat frizz, knowing which brush and comb to use is one of the key tips when learning how to style long hair. A round brush is ideal for adding volume while a paddle brush helps with straightening long hair and keeping it frizz-free. Those who want to cut down on blow-drying time will find it useful to use a vented brush. Use a wide-toothed comb to work through tangles and wet hair.

Having long hair means having the option to use a variety of accessories, but after repeated use, some can cause quite a bit of damage. Rubber bands are horrible to use, but snag-free elastics will help keep the hair away from the face without damaging it or getting tangled in it. Never use bobby pins that have no coating on the end — they can tug at hair as they're being removed. Plastic hair claws are ideal to use while styling hair rather than continuously putting the hair up and down by using an elastic.

Other factors, including the living environment, health habits and the type of hair, can have an effect on the overall condition. The best tips for knowing how to style long hair are those that are personalized according to each person's lifestyle. Although mousse adds volume, serum diminishes fly-aways and leave-in conditioner helps protect long hair against various negative elements, the stylist can make personal recommendations for which products to use that can keep the hair in the best condition possible.


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