What are the Best Tips for Hot Tub Cleaning?

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Hot tub cleaning is a much neglected aspect of owning one of these home spas. The chemical level of the water should be kept low and tested regularly. The dirt that appears on hot tub interiors varies so it is important to find out what is causing the problem before finding a solution. The water should be drained and a light scrubber used so that the hot tub is not damaged. The filters and the exterior must also be cleaned but in different ways.

One of the best tips for keeping a hot tub clean is to ensure that the chemical levels of the water in it are kept low. The higher the chemical level of the water, the harder it will be to clean. There are numerous hardware stores that sell water samplers to check the chemical level of the water.

Hard water elements and other grime manifests through usage of the hot tub and will stick to it. As there are different elements which can cause this dirt, it is necessary to ask an expert to find out what is required to clean the tub. Scrape some of the grime from the tub and bring it to a store that specializes in cleaning pools. The staff should be able to determine the type of grime and give advice on the best materials for hot tub cleaning.


Before beginning the hot tub cleaning, make sure that the water is completely drained. The majority of hot tub interiors are made from fiberglass which can be easily scratched. Therefore, use a scrubber that is not overly abrasive when applying the cleaning chemical to the hot tub.

Failure to adhere to this advice could cause permanent markings to remain on the tub. Before starting the hot tub cleaning in earnest, test the scrubber on a small, hard-to-spot area. If it leaves scratches, throw away the existing scrubber and find one that is less damaging to the tub’s surface.

Scrub every area of the hot tub thoroughly. Once the job is completed, rinse the hot tub carefully with warm clean water. Do this twice before refilling the hot tub and preparing it for use.

Another important element in hot tub cleaning is a clean filter. Purchase a specialized filter cleaning product. It is also vitally important to turn off all filters and pumps before cleaning or else there is a real possibility of incurring physical injury.

As the outside of a hot tub is often made from wood, it should be cleaned differently. A scrubber cannot be used because it will damage the surface. Instead, use a wood sealant about once a year to keep the exterior of the hot tub in good condition.



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