What Are the Best Tips for Hair Removal with Sensitive Skin?

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Hair removal with sensitive skin can be a challenge, as many methods of hair removal can be irritating. Individuals with sensitive skin may have a particularly bad reaction to some of the products and appliances commonly used in this undertaking. These individuals should choose products and hair removal techniques that are less irritating to sensitive skin, do a patch test on a small area of skin before using depilatory creams and waxes, and consult a dermatologist about the possibility of permanent hair removal as well as information on how to protect their skin during treatments.

Individuals with mildly sensitive skin may find that they have satisfactory results using razors and depilatory creams developed and intended for hair removal with sensitive skin. Such individuals should consult with their dermatologist, if they are under a dermatologist's care, before trying these products. They should also take the precaution of testing the product on a small patch of skin to see if they develop a reaction or experience severe irritation. By trying out a product on a small amount of skin, discomfort can be minimized if they prove sensitive to the substance.


Although waxing may not be an appropriate form of hair removal with sensitive skin, alternatives do exist. Simple plucking can be less irritating to skin, though it is generally suitable for removing only small amounts of hair, such as that on the chin or eyebrows. Some people find that threading is a good alternative to waxing, as it quickly and cleanly removes hairs but does not require the application of wax or other foreign substances. Sugaring is another way of achieving hair removal with sensitive skin, as the the sugar paste tends to be less irritating than wax. People with sensitive skin should likewise request a patch test with the sugar paste before committing to a treatment.

If hair removal with sensitive skin becomes a significant problem for someone, she may wish to speak to a dermatologist about her options. In some cases, permanent hair removal may be a person's best bet because she will not have to routinely repeat the hair removal process. Permanent hair removal methods may require several sessions of laser treatment or electrolysis, but once complete, she will not have to irritate her skin again in order to be free of unwanted hair.



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