What are the Best Tips for Gum Health?

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According to most experts, brushing regularly and flossing the teeth are the best tips for gum health. Another common piece of advice is for people to visit the dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings. Gum health is also promoted by eating a healthier diet and avoiding certain nutrients known to aggravate or cause gum disease. In addition to all these practices, some people use special mouthwashes to clean their mouths, while others use herbal remedies to fight gum disease.

As a general rule, gum disease develops because of bacteria in the mouth, and bacteria generally accumulates because food particles get stuck in the teeth. Over time, the food will begin to attract bacteria if they aren't cleaned off fast enough, and these bacteria will generally begin attacking the gums. Bad teeth and bad gums are usually directly related. Poor gum health will normally cause a person’s teeth to rot over time—this is because the bacteria that attack the gums can also damage the teeth, which can turn the whole mouth into a septic environment.

Cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush and an appropriate toothpaste is the most common and basic thing people can do to protect their gums. Flossing is also effective because it tends to help clean out hard-to-reach places where food tends to get stuck. These are generally the places where cavities often form when people don’t take care of their oral health.


In terms of diet, certain foods have a reputation for being especially bad on gum health. For example, it is often advised that people avoid sugary foods because they can have a bad effect on oral hygiene and eventually lead to gum disease. Foods with a high acidic content have also been blamed for causing severe gum health problems, and gastric problems can cause a reflux of acid that has sometimes been associated with gum disease.

Despite all the things a person can do at home to protect his gums, most experts agree that regular dental checkups are vital. Dentists have special equipment that can be used to clean the teeth much more effectively and thoroughly than a person is able to do in his own home. They can also be helpful in terms of spotting the beginnings of a gum disease problem and prescribing medicated mouthwashes or other measures to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.



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