What Are the Best Tips for Growing Zucchini?

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Zucchini is one of the easiest types of vegetables to grow, even in a small garden plot, and just one or two zucchini plants can produce plenty of zucchinis to eat during the summer and fall, or to freeze for the winter. When growing zucchini, the first thing to consider is location; it should be grown in full sun if possible, and in soil that is well drained and nutrient rich. Zucchini should not be be planted until the danger of frost has passed. In general, the rule of thumb for growing zucchini is to plant it two weeks after the last frost.

Planting zucchini may be done either from seeds or seedlings. Some people will start the seeds outdoors, in the garden. It is a good idea to plant two or three seeds in each individual planting; once the seedlings begin, it is then possible to thin them, and only have one or two plants in a single area. Starting seeds inside, and then replanting them outside, after the danger of frost has passed, is a good way to get a jump on the season and start the plants a bit earlier. Finally, some people find it simplest to just purchase seedlings at a garden store and plant them that way. Any of these methods can be effective ways of growing zucchini.


Individual zucchini plants should be planted about three feet (.91 meters) apart, because the plants will grow quite large. They don't do very well in pots for this reason. Again, planting zucchini in full sun, or in as much sun as possible, is necessary for the plants to grow successfully. It is important that the soil is well drained to allow the roots to grow and to prevent the plant from becoming overwatered. In general, growing zucchini is a fairly easy process compared to some other types of vegetables or plants.

Also important for growing zucchini is regular watering. Water the plant at the base to get the roots; do not water the stalks or foliage, which can cause the plant to burn in the sun. If the zucchini plant is not getting enough water, it is possible that the zucchinis will break off before they are completely formed. Some people tie these plants to stakes, but this is generally not necessary. The zucchini can be harvested when they are small to medium sized; zucchini that is too large will tend to be fairly watery and tasteless.



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