What Are the Best Tips for Going Brunette?

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Anyone planning on going brunette or changing hair color in general, should consult with a hair care professional. Unless one is experienced, it's easy for mishaps to occur when performing the procedure at home. It's also important to consider how various shades of brunette might look with one's skin tone. If undecided, it's best not to choose a permanent hair color. Additionally, using a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair is best.

Those who are considering going brunette should try to visualize what the results will look like before taking the final step. An easy way of doing this is by trying on a brunette wig at a wig salon. If possible, try on brunette wigs in various shades of brown. This method can help a person determine the exact shade of brunette that best suits her. It's a also a good idea to bring along a friend or two for varied opinions.

Trying an online virtual makeover simulator is another method that some people use. An online simulator requires a person to upload a photograph, then match one's face with various hair color shades. It can be fun and somewhat helpful, but it is not meant to be used as a professional guideline.


Those who are undecided about going brunette or what shade to choose should seek the advice of a professional stylist. A hair stylist will have sample swatches in various brunette shades to consider. She will also be able to suggest which shade of brunette is most suitable, and what method of coloring is best. Options include permanent hair color and demi permanent, which generally rinses out after a period of time. If the individual is hesitant about going brunette, a demi permanent hair color is generally the best way to go.

Once the decision of going brunette has been made, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Hair color, whether permanent or semi permanent, will fade over time, and therefore care should be taken to maintain the color. Using harsh or cheap shampoos can be damaging to color-treated hair. It's also a good idea to use shampoo that is specially formulated for brunette hair color.

Protection from the sun is equally important for color-treated hair. After going brunette, it's best to stay out of direct sunlight without protective covering. If color-treated hair becomes prone to breakage, conditioning products can replenish moisture or repair damaged ends. For those who swim, it's best to wear a swimming cap because chlorine can also damage color-treated hair.



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