What Are the Best Tips for Getting Rid of Shaving Bumps?

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Shaving bumps usually are caused by freshly cut hair growing back into the skin after shaving, causing swelling and inflammation. Individuals with coarse or curly hair are at particularly high risk of getting shaving bumps, because the hair tends to grow back toward the skin more frequently than soft straight hair. Getting rid of shaving bumps might take a bit of effort but can really pay off when the shaved area looks neat and clean without swelling or bumps. Several things a person can try when getting rid of shaving bumps are to limit the number of times he or she shaves, to use proper techniques and products when shaving and to keep razors clean and new.

If an individual shaves one or more times every day, he or she might be more susceptible to shaving bumps. Getting rid of shaving bumps might be easier when a person shaves less frequently, perhaps every couple of days. This gives the skin a chance to rest between shaves. Repeated shaving of the same area might cause the skin to become irritated and more prone to bumps. If an individual normally uses a blade to shave, an electric shaver might be used in between shaves to keep hair from becoming overgrown.

Using proper products and shaving techniques might be helpful in getting rid of shaving bumps. Many people find that using a single-blade razor helps prevent shaving bumps. Allowing the hair to soften before shaving might be another important step toward getting rid of shaving bumps. This can be done by shaving after a shower or by placing a hot washcloth on the area to be shaved prior to shaving. The use of shaving cream might also aid in preventing shaving bumps by moisturizing the area to be shaved.

One very important step in shaving is for one to keep razors clean and new. The newer the razor blade, the more likely it is to cut each piece of hair precisely, without dragging the hair or cutting it unevenly. Keeping razors clean might prevent shaving bumps or a more serious infection caused by bacteria on the razor. If shaving bumps develop into an infection, a person should seek the help of a medical doctor or dermatologist to ensure that it is treated promptly. These individuals might also be able to prescribe creams or lotions that can aid in getting rid of shaving bumps.


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