What Are the Best Tips for Getting Rid of Back Acne?

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People who have back acne commonly have an oily skin type, rather than dry skin, combination skin or normal skin. Bacteria multiply on oily or dirty skin more readily, worsening acne and increasing the chances of inflammation and infection. Reducing the amount of oil or dirt present on skin often gets rid of back acne. This can be done by washing, cleansing and applying products that are designed to prevent acne.

Washing helps unclog pores and get rid of back acne. Pores become clogged and infected if skin is left unwashed for a long time. Washing regularly with an antibacterial soap reduces the number of bacteria present on the skin and, in turn, reduces inflammation.

After physical exercise, washing well prevents sweat from remaining on the skin, which would cause irritation to sensitive skin and provide a perfect habitat in which bacteria could thrive. Washing too frequently, however, can cause dryness. Therefore, a bath or shower once or twice a day is sufficient. Clothing and bedclothes should also be kept clean. Bacteria and dirt are reintroduced to the skin when a person puts on dirty clothes.

Exfoliating with a loofah or brush will scrub away dead surface skin that traps dirt, oils and bacteria. Exfoliating products are available that contain soap and small amounts of abrasive material for effectively exfoliating the skin. Skin should not, however, be exfoliated to excess, and exfoliating should never be painful.


Products that are designed to get rid of back acne cleanse the skin and reduce inflammation. Trying out different products is the best way to find one that works. Each product should be tried for at least two to three weeks to ensure that it has a chance of working. A pharmacist can advise a person about the most effective acne products on the market.

Two effective ingredients of acne treatments are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These should not be used together, because they can produce a chemical reaction, but they are safe to use individually and are known to get rid of back acne. Acne treatments also can contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula and witch hazel. These ingredients also can be purchased individually and applied to acne. One example is witch hazel in the form of a gel stick.

Setting up a skin care routine is fundamental to getting rid of back acne. Washing and treatment methods are often effective only when practiced routinely and in the long term. If getting rid of back acne proves difficult after trying various techniques, then a dermatologist can give advice on specialized treatments.



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