What Are the Best Tips for Doing Transcription from Home?

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There are many tips that can prove helpful for a person who is interested in doing transcription from home. Among the best tips are those that recommend getting training and learning medical or legal terminology. Other helpful tips recommend taking steps to improve skills important to this type of work, such as typing speed and spelling. Additionally, an individual may benefit from tips that suggest building business skills in case one must search for clients instead of working as an employee.

One of the best tips for doing transcription from home is to get some training. Though an individual may think transcription work will prove to be easy, he may be surprised to discover that there is quite a bit to learn to get started. For example, he may benefit from learning what clients and employers usually expect, acceptable turnaround times, and how to charge for this service. A person might also benefit from learning about the different types of equipment used in transcription, such as special software, foot pedals, and headphones. Some training programs even provide students with information on how to make the best equipment choices or provide referrals to equipment sellers that offer reasonably priced, quality equipment.


Some of the best tips for doing transcription from home also focus on learning specific terminology that may help in securing more clients and providing better service. Many at-home transcriptionists find there is a demand for people who know medical or legal terminology, for instance. Often, medical or transcription jobs or projects are more plentiful than those available to general transcriptionists. As such, some of the best tips recommend learning such terminology either through a class or via an at-home learning plan. Working in a legal or medical office before becoming an at-home transcriptionist may prove beneficial as well.

Another tip for doing transcription from home involves preparation so one can complete work quickly and with few errors. Essentially, the only way a person is likely to make a good amount of money as an at-home transcriptionist is to make sure he can work quickly and produce work that is virtually error free. For many people, this will mean taking steps to boost typing speed and rate of accuracy. An individual may also do well to find ways to work on improving his listening and spelling skills.

A person who wants to break into transcription work may also do well to acquire some business skills. This can prove important if an individual is unable to find a work-at-home job in this field and must instead start a business and find his own clients. In such a case, he will typically need the ability to market his business, set prices that will cover his labor and expenses, and keep accurate records.



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