What Are the Best Tips for Dark Hair for Fair Skin?

Finding dark hair for fair skin can be confusing. If the color is wrong for the skin tone, the result will be a washed-out complexion. Another thing to consider is natural hair color, especially for those who want to color at home. Luckily, determining skin tone is not hard to do.

Fair skin can have either warm, neutral, or cool undertones. The veins on the inside of the wrist of people with cool undertones appear blue. If the veins appear green, the person has warm undertones. When some veins are blue and some are green, a neutral undertone is present.

Another way to determine skin tone involves a white shirt and a mirror. Skin tone is easily seen next to the white. If skin appears bluish, the undertones are cool, if it appears yellow, the undertones are warm. If the skin does not lean more toward either one, the undertones are neutral.

Dark hair for fair skin with cool undertones will be listed as cool on the box. Neutral tones will work as well. Hair colors with ash in the name are also cool. The dark hair color should not be more than two shades darker than the natural hair color. Those looking for an even darker color should visit a salon.

With a warm undertone, dark hair for fair skin should have caramel, copper, or burgundy tones. Fair skin with warm tones is easily washed out by the wrong shade. Most boxes of dye will list the colors as warm, cool, or neutral. Those with warm undertones should stick with warm colors.

For neutral undertones, dark hair for fair skin can be any color. It is still wise to stay close to the natural starting color when dyeing at home. While all colors will look good, some will look better that others. Those wanting dark hair for fair skin who have neutral undertones should compare several different choices against their skin.

Occasionally, hair will come out a shade other than anticipated. If a color is too dark, a visit to the salon is in order. Hair stripping can remove the color by using strong chemicals. These can be damaging, so it is best to get hair color removed less than 72 hours after the dye was placed. In this time frame the dye will be easier to remove, so the product used will be less damaging to the hair and the process will not take as long.

Salon color correcting is expensive. There are products available that change the size of the dye pigments, allowing them to be washed away. The directions must be followed very closely, and there is a lot of rinsing involved. These products are also very damaging to hair.


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