What are the Best Tips for Cystic Fibrosis Patients?

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For those afflicted with this disease, finding a physician who specializes in treating cystic fibrosis patients is essential. Cystic fibrosis support groups can also help patients and their families cope with the effects of this disease. Diet and exercise also play a fundamental role in helping cystic fibrosis patients manage.

Adults and children with cystic fibrosis (CF) often suffer from recurring infections. Excess mucus that develops in the lungs and airways may allow bacteria to grow in CF patients. Quite often, this mucus becomes very thick and difficult to loosen from the chest and lungs. Many CF patients have found physical therapy to be helpful in relieving some of the symptoms. Regular daily exercise may help CF patients as well.

A physician may recommend physical therapy that can be done at home. If the doctor recommends regular sessions with a physical therapist, patients should attend them faithfully. In many cases, routine exercise may also prevent mucus from building up and becoming difficult to discharge.

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for CF patients. Staying well hydrated will help break up congestion and thin secretions from the lungs and airways. Some cystic fibrosis patients may find dairy products aggravate their condition. In these cases, the patient should avoid drinking milk.


Cigarette smoking is unhealthy for any individual, but cystic fibrosis patients often find that tobacco will make them cough more and produce excess mucus. For this reason, refraining from smoking is highly recommended for cystic fibrosis patients. Avoiding exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke is another thing patients can do to manage their condition.

Knowing how to spot the early signs of infection is crucial for cystic fibrosis patients. Often, the physician will prescribe a course of antibiotics for the patient with CF before a fever develops. Waiting until the infection becomes full blown could cause serious complications, such as pneumonia.

Practicing good hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, is another tip for cystic fibrosis patients. CF patients are more susceptible to infection than healthy individuals who do not have the disease. A physician also likely will recommend an annual influenza vaccination for CF patients.

Another tip for cystic fibrosis patients is to become educated and knowledgeable regarding the disease. Hospitals, clinics, and even the local library may offer information and reading material on ways to cope with CF. Information regarding new treatments and clinical trials may also be found online.



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