What are the Best Tips for Creating a Small Water Garden?

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The essential factor in small water gardens is the size; what one person considers small could be large to someone else. This gardening feature should be miniature in size, going to only a few meters in area and depth. If the size is smaller it affects other factors, but not always the budget. The small water garden might lower the cost of garden supplies and labor used, but with extra features included such as waterfalls, colorful lighting, heating, and the inclusion of a variety of koi fish, the pumping and solar harvesting may increase the cost to that of a larger one. Due to limited space in most homes and businesses these types of water gardens work for most people due to economy of space and finance.

The second tip on creating a small water garden is that it should be understood that the size gives a bit of liberty on the location and shape of it. The aquascape can be located in many different places around the home or business without having to change the existing features. This also allows the freedom to augment its look as much as possible by using a minimal amount of materials. Included in its design features could be colored lighting, removable shades, and the ability to be portable by using containers. One factor that should be put into consideration, is the source and disposal of the water in the aquascape.


As the small water garden is built, safety must not be overlooked. Due to its size the tub garden feature is prone to theft, wiring complications, and various other problems. The power supply included must follow all the requirements set forth by the manufacturer to avoid accidents. The gardening supplies used must possess adequate insulation properties to deter any contact of the power and the water to prevent killing the organisms in the pond. If the water must be pumped or heated, great care should be taken not to overdo it; temperature must be controlled while checking the amount of water coming in and the volume that is being pumped out.

Lastly, the small water garden must allow regular cleaning and maintenance. A small water garden might be designed with numerous extra features that would make it hard, or totally impossible, to service it without having to dismantle it. This backyard gardening feature must be well planned to create enough space for all the additions and the organisms in it to co-habitate. Skilled labor or intensive research must be employed to design and construct it, even though the idea of a complicated project on a smaller scale may attract the most inexperienced do it yourselfer.



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