What are the Best Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Online Portfolio?

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A graphic design online portfolio is a great way to get information about a person's work to potential clients. While the basic components of a portfolio should always be the most important part of the website, online portfolios often have more room for expression and design than those that are on paper. They also, however, have more room for poor design and run the risk of sending potential clients away because they are too complex. The best tip to keep in mind when creating a graphic design online portfolio is that the portfolio should express in the clearest way possible what a designer's work is about and why it is the best in its field.

One problem a graphic design online portfolio might have is navigation. Online portfolios have many navigation options, and graphic designers often have the ability to create stunning and beautiful navigation schemes. The problem is that the more interesting ways in which a person might navigate through a website are not always intuitive and can drive potential clients away before they even see someone's work. Straightforward navigation designs are best for a graphic design online portfolio because they allow the work to shine without distraction.


When at all possible, it is important for a graphic design online portfolio to express in all aspects what the designer does and believes in. While many people find that a simple website with a series of examples is the best approach, others use every design opportunity to express themselves and show evidence of their art. The background of the page, every divider or button, and even the logo someone uses can give additional examples of design work. Ease of navigation is important, but when the website itself serves as part of the portfolio, exceptions must sometimes be made.

Some graphic designers have a tendency to say too much in their portfolios. Text should be concise and provide only necessary information. Having too much text in a graphic design online portfolio can distract potential clients from the actual work and give the impression that the work cannot stand on its own.

Probably one of the most important tips for creating a graphic design online portfolio is to make the contact information obvious. No matter how excellent the design of the portfolio, if a potential client cannot figure out how to get in touch with the designer, he or she will never use the service being offered. A good rule of thumb is that the contact information should be available without any scrolling and should be obvious enough that it can be found within three seconds. This way, a potential client can act on an impulse to get in touch, and a new relationship can be formed.



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