What Are the Best Tips for Creating a Business Proposal?

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An effective business proposal can make the difference between earning a new client and losing an opportunity. A business proposal is generally used for two purposes. It may introduce the company and any new ideas. It may also compel the reader to take action. The best tips for designing a business proposal are to include clear information, provide compelling proof that the proposal is valid, and wrap it up by inviting the client to accept the proposal terms.

A solid proposal starts with gathering all the facts and information relevant to the reader. A well-written business proposal has a basic introduction to the company, including the company mission, and any future goals and ideas that may interest readers. This is especially important when seeking venture capital or selling a business to investors because it indicates that the business has a growth strategy in place. Be sure that the basics are covered in this introduction so that readers will understand the founding philosophy and hopes of the business.

A carefully written business proposal will then get into the facts and figures about the business idea. This information is drawn from industry trends and past business activities that have brought measurable success. Provide clear information, case studies, and reports of any successful business activities that will bolster the proposal.


Venture capitalists and other potential business partners will generally want to see what risk and gains may be associated with accepting a proposal, so be sure to back up any claims with facts. Choose past successes and provide clear demonstrations how this business proposal will also result in success for the company. Be specific when requesting financial amounts, time, and resources for the best results.

The last part of the business proposal, which is sometimes overlooked, is the call to action statement. This is a direct request for the reader to accept the terms of the business proposal and invitation to discuss this in a reasonable way. Often, the best approach is to again back up the proposal with factual information that may reassure the reader that getting involved will be beneficial. Once this is accomplished, wrap up the business proposal and ask for a specific time frame to talk about it further.



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