What Are the Best Tips for Coping with Anger?

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Finding the best tips for coping with anger depends on the individual situation as well as the personality of the person experiencing the anger. In many cases, taking the time to truly listen to another point of view can help to reduce the amount of anger that is felt. Those with aggressive personalities may find that it is best to walk away from the situation until the anger has passed. Some people may obtain relief by keeping a private journal and writing down feelings as a mechanism for coping with anger. Still others may have an easier time coping with anger by talking with a trusted friend or therapist.

Anger is a natural emotion and can be useful in some situations. On many occasions, anger may occur due to a misunderstanding or a perceived injustice. It may be helpful to take a few deep breaths and truly listen to differing points of view. Even if no agreement is reached, anger can often dissipate when a person can understand the viewpoint of another.

Walking away from a triggering situation can be a helpful tip for coping with anger, especially for those with naturally aggressive personalities. Taking a walk, listening to music, or cleaning the house may provide enough of a distraction to allow time for the anger to lessen. People who are angry are not usually advised to drive an automobile, as the potential for accidents is increased when a person is experiencing high levels of emotion.


Writing in a journal is a good way for coping with anger for many people. A diary or journal provides a safe and private arena to vent any negative emotions without the risk of becoming unnecessarily hostile toward another person. In many cases, a new perspective develops after going back at a later time and reading what was written in a moment of passion. If there is concern over someone else reading the journal, it can be placed inside of a locked box when not being used.

Talk therapy can be an invaluable tool when coping with anger. Discussing feelings with a trusted friend tends to be comforting for most people and can help to diffuse a tense situation. A therapist, counselor, or clergy member may also be a good choice if a person needs someone to talk to. Anger management classes are available for those who suffer from frequent bouts of anger and are useful for helping to make sure that anger does not turn to violent behavior.



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