What Are the Best Tips for Cooking with Tuna?

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To become good at cooking with tuna, it is best to learn the different types and cuts of the fish. To add flavor to a dish, when using canned tuna, the liquid should be retained and included. Different herbs, spices, and sauces can be used to create dishes reminiscent of other cultures. Using different varieties of cheese and bread crumbs can also create varied effects when preparing tuna casseroles.

The best tip for cooking with tuna is to understand that there are different types. Some varieties are better for certain purposes than others. For example, many people eat tuna raw, and the type that is recommended for this purpose is bluefin. Even when purchasing bluefin tuna, however, a person should be aware that different parts of the fish are sold and that they have different textures and tastes. Albacore, another type of tuna, is commonly available in cans and is often recommended for use in salads.

Canned tuna should be packed in some type of liquid. This is commonly either be water or oil. When the objective is to make a dish in as healthful a manner as possible, it is usually best to choose the varieties that are packed in water. When flavor is a priority, it is generally best to use tuna packed in oil. To enhance the flavor of the dish even further, the oil can be used instead of drained off.


Another difference that an individual may want to pay attention to when cooking with tuna is that between flakes versus chunks. Flakes are often best in dishes that have a smoother consistency, such as one that involves small pasta like orzo. For heavier dishes with chunkier ingredients, larger pieces of tuna work best because their presence is not overwhelmed.

The flavor of tuna dishes can be significantly enhanced by knowing which seasonings, herbs, and sauces work well with the fish. To make a dish that is suggestive of Asian culture, terriyaki, ginger, and wasabi sauces are excellent choices. Coriander, oregano, and olive oil when combined with fresh tomatoes can result in a dish that is reminiscent of Mediterranean cooking.

A benefit of cooking with tuna is that it can be used in a number of ways. When making casseroles, there is a wide range of possibilities, and many of the recipes are fairly simple. Ingredients that work well with tuna in these types of recipes include broccoli, macaroni, and onions. It is also possible to alter the outcome of a casserole by using a variety of cheeses, bread crumbs, and chopped vegetables such as celery and carrots.



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