What Are the Best Tips for Cooking with Mozzarella?

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There are a number of simple things a person can do to make great meals with mozzarella cheese. One of the most important things to do when cooking with mozzarella is to choose fresh, high quality cheese. It is best to work with cheese that has never been refrigerated, although previously refrigerated cheese can be brought to room temperature before it is used. Following cooking instructions carefully and heating the cheese to the proper temperature will also help make a dish turn out well.

When cooking with mozzarella, the most important thing to do is to choose a high quality cheese. Fresh mozzarella is the best to use and can be found in the refrigerator section at many grocery stores or at specialty cheese shops. In order to stay moist, fresh mozzarella cheese needs to be kept in water. Using a mozzarella cheese that is not kept in water will not give a dish the rich, sweet flavor found in fresh mozzarella. Pre-sliced mozzarella stored in plastic will not taste as good because it has often been heavily processed so that it will last longer.


Mozzarella is usually made from cow's milk, though it is possible to make it from buffalo milk. Either of these cheeses can be used in a recipe, though buffalo cheese will be richer and creamier than cow cheese. In general, cooking with mozzarella that is made from buffalo milk will yield better results, though cow mozzarella may be better for lighter dishes and may be preferable for people who wish to limit their calorie or fat consumption.

Before mozzarella cheese is sliced or used in a dish, it should be brought to room temperature. Very fresh mozzarella that has been kept at room temperature since it was fermented is the best kind to use, but it is not available in many parts of the world unless it is home made. A cook who will be using mozzarella that has been refrigerated should leave the cheese on the counter for between 30 and 60 minutes before using it. Freezing mozzarella cheese can destroy the texture or flavor of the cheese and is not advisable.

In order to cook mozzarella cheese, the temperatures indicated on the recipe should be carefully followed. Often, cooking with mozzarella is done over high heat so that the cheese melts evenly and becomes bubbly on top. In some recipes, the dish should also be placed under a broiler so that the cheese browns slightly on the top.



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