What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Brisket?

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Several steps can be taken when cooking brisket to help ensure a flavorful and tender dish. Proper preparation, cooking, and serving of the meat will help accomplish this. Marinating or dry rubbing the meat helps with enhancing flavor. Brisket should generally be cooked in low heat for a long period of time. After the meat has had a chance to rest, it should be sliced across the grain to preserve the texture.

When it comes to cooking brisket, some people prefer to marinate the meat while others choose to use a dry rub. There are even people who use both methods. By remembering that the seasoning should enhance the flavor of the meat instead of smothering it, those who choose to prepare this dish will usually have a delicious meal on their hands. Brisket generally has a layer of fat surrounding it that should not be cut off as it helps preserve the moisture and flavor.

There are many regional recipes for cooking brisket. Some contain very subtle flavors, meant to simply bring out the flavor of the meat. Others have very distinctive flavors ranging from spicy to sweet, but they still enhance the flavor. Sometimes flavors in a marinade are used to compliment flavors in a dry rub, creating a dish that is complex with delicious flavor.


Smoking, roasting, and using a slow cooker are several ways someone can use when cooking brisket. Low heat allows the meat to retain moisture and flavor is added by the breakdown of connective tissues from the long cooking time. Additional flavor might be added by the use of wood chips or what is sometimes called "mopping sauce," a mixture that is brushed on as the meat cooks.

Some find the use of a slow cooker aids them in cooking brisket. This helps the meat remain moist and helps circulate the flavors throughout cooking. It is generally braised in a liquid to help prevent a dry product. If desired, the remaining juices might be used to make a sauce or gravy to go with the rest of the dish.

It is important to let the meat rest when cooking brisket. This allows it to cool down and retain its juices prior to cutting. Brisket should be cut across the grain of the meat to keep it tender. Using a sharp knife helps keep the cuts clean and precise. This not only aids in cutting the meat but also helps with presentation.



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@truman12 - I am just getting into BBQ myself and while I have been happy with the way the meat is turning out I think I need a better rub. Do you make your own or do you buy yours somewhere? If it is not a super secret, would you mind telling me your rub recipe?

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Low and slow, low and slow. That is the only way to cook brisket. Brisket is a very cheap tough cut of meat and it takes a long cooking process to tenderize it and to bring out all of its succulent flavors.

My dad makes amazing BBQ brisket and he taught me everything I know about slow cooking meat. It takes patience, a good seasoning rub and a good smoker. But the results are amazing. I have had pieces of brisket that rivaled any cut of beef I have ever had.

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