What Are the Best Tips for Controlling Oily Skin?

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Oily skin can can be a problem for teens and adults alike. The causes of excessive oil production can vary, but there are a few universal techniques that can help control oily skin. Using blotting sheets, jojoba oil and facial products without oil or harsh cleansing agents can help in the fight to manage oily skin.

Controlling oily skin can be made easier with the use of oil blotting sheets. These sheets are extremely absorbent sheets of paper that are meant to be dabbed on the face when oily skin presents. The sheets soak up extra oil and leave a clean skin surface. Some sheets might be coated with translucent powder that can be left after dabbing takes place. The powder is intended to further impede oil production, though many people find that they prefer to use untreated sheets.

Another method that can work in controlling oily skin is the use of jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has, for centuries, been used as a natural moisturizer. When applied to the skin, jojoba oil has the effect of making the skin believe that it has already produced more than enough oil and that no more oil is needed. The result is a reduction in natural oil production. A benefit of using jojoba oil is that it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


It should be noted that washing the skin several times a day probably will not be successful in controlling oily skin. Repeatedly cleansing the skin several times during the day, especially with harsh facial cleaning agents such as alcohol or acetone, might result in more oil. Ideally, people who have oily skin should cleanse their faces only in the morning after they awake and at night before they go to bed.

The use of products that are specially formulated for oily skin can prove to be beneficial. Makeup and moisturizers that are created for people who suffer from problematic oil production can go a long way in controlling oily skin because those products usually don't contain ingredients that are known to encourage the overproduction of oil. Similarly, consumers should stay away from products that contain oils. Acne-fighting products, such as those that contain salicylic or glycolic acid, might also be able to help. Looking for product lines that are created or endorsed by dermatologists can further aid people who have trouble controlling oily skin.



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