What Are the Best Tips for Chemotherapy Recovery?

For many, chemotherapy recovery can be incredibly difficult and oftentimes frustrating. Some of the best tips for this process include making sure that you are getting plenty of rest as well as plenty of exercise. Eating healthy, nutritious food can also be beneficial, and will help to give your body what it needs to recuperate fully. For those who suffer from mental lapses during chemotherapy recovery, often referred to as “chemo brain” by cancer survivors, making a daily schedule and engaging in mentally stimulating activities can be helpful.

Finding a balance between resting and getting exercise is one of the best tips for chemotherapy recovery. Although you certainly do not want to push your body too far, especially after such a draining and sometimes damaging experience, regular exercise of nearly any intensity can help to strengthen your body as well as your self-esteem. When recovering from chemotherapy, make sure that you get plenty of sleep at night, and even indulge in a nap during the day if necessary and feasible. On the other hand, regular physical activity, even just a walk, can actually give you more energy, eventually reducing how tired you feel during the day.


After your body has been tirelessly processing chemotherapy drugs and fighting off cancer, it can often feel depleted. Filling yourself with healthy, highly nutritious foods on a daily basis can drastically decrease the amount of time chemotherapy recovery takes, as well as improve your overall health. Adding a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to your daily meals can help to replenish your body of necessary nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates can help your body to repair itself, as well as give you the energy to enjoy your daily life completely.

One of the best tips for chemotherapy recovery is to exercise your mind as much as you can in the same manner that you would your body. Many cancer survivors suffer from mental lapses known as "chemo brain," in which they have a difficult time remembering certain things, concentrating, or completing one or more tasks that they’ve done all of their life. Although this is considered normal, and generally temporary, there are some things that may help to sharpen your mind if chemo brain is a problem. Taking a class at your local community college or regularly doing puzzles or other mind exercises can be a great way to not only add enjoyment to your life, but also to improve your mental faculties. If you are having difficulty remembering to take care of your daily needs, making up a schedule for yourself can help to keep you on track until your mind recovers from chemotherapy.



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