What Are the Best Tips for Building a Website from Scratch?

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Before building a website from scratch, an individual should learn about the online environment and how it operates. A plan should be developed and proven layout models studied. Anyone who has considered including auto loading content would be wise to carefully reconsider whether it will be in the best interest of the site's visitors. It is also important to keep in mind the interests of those who may try to access the website from small devices and to thoroughly test the new website before it goes live.

Anyone who considers building a website from scratch should know that there is a difference between the Internet and the world wide web (WWW) and familiarize himself with both. He should understand the roles of the elements that are required for a properly operating website, such as web hosts and web servers. This knowledge is best developed in advance of any attempts to work on the website as opposed to a learn-as-you go approach.

A solid plan needs to be developed before any attempt at building a website from scratch is made. That plan should first focus on the purpose and goals of the website. Then, it should focus on the details, both major and minor, including the number of pages, the appearance, and the layout.


When considering layout, an individual should take the time to research proven models. There is a substantial amount of information available regarding the best placement for certain items when attempting to achieve certain results. Adhering to these models has been associated with increased revenue. It is also during these initial stages that an individual should begin considering the most suitable domain name. Once one is chosen, if the website is a serious venture, the name should be registered for many years.

Though auto loading content may seem like an attractive feature, it is one that individuals are urged to reconsider when building websites. It has been found that a wide range of visitors are turned off by this feature. For example, when individuals have a slow connection speed, auto loading content can make the process of opening a web page painfully slow, resulting in people prematurely navigating away. Individuals budgeting their data usage may also have negative attitudes toward auto loading since it consumes an excessive amount of their data allowance.

Anyone building a website from scratch should keep in mind attempts to access it from devices other than computers. The advent of smaller devices with web surfing capabilities and the growing popularity of accessing the Internet using them is something that is best factored in initially. Otherwise it may be necessary to spend money later making needed changes to accommodate these users.

After building a website from scratch, it is important to avoid prematurely going live with it. The website should first be thoroughly tested to determine what the user experience will be like. This is a better means to assess flaws than to have them reported later by frustrated visitors, or worse, to risk having a problem that goes unreported because users simply venture away from the website without saying anything.



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